Holland documentation

pgdump Provider Configuration [pgdump]

Backs up a PostgreSQL instance using the pgdump utility.


format = custom | tar | plain (default: custom)

Defines the –format option for pg_dump. This defaults to –format=custom. The custom format is required for pg_restore to do partial restore as well as enabling parallel restores.

additional-options = <command-string>

Pass additional options to the pg_dump command


Specify various compression settings, such as compression utility, compression level, etc.

method = gzip | pigz | bzip | lzop | lzma

Define which compression method to use. Note that some methods may not be available by default on every system and may need to be compiled or installed.

inline = yes | no

Whether or not to pipe the output of mysqldump into the compression utility. Enabling this is recommended since it usually only marginally impacts performance, particularly when using a lower compression level.

level = 0-9

Specify the compression ratio. The lower the number, the lower the compression ratio, but the faster the backup will take. Generally, setting the lever to 1 or 2 results in favorable compression of textual data and is noticeably faster than the higher levels. Setting the level to 0 effectively disables compression.

bin-path = <full path to utility>

This only needs to be defined if the compression utility is not in the usual places or not in the system path.


username = <name>

Username for pg_dump to authenticate with

password = <string>

Password for pg_dump to authenticate with

hostname = <string>

Hostname for pg_dump to connect with

port = <integer>

TCP port for pg_dump to connect on