Database and Table filteringΒΆ

databases = <glob>

exclude-databases = <glob>

tables = <glob>

exclude-tables = <glob>

The above options accepts GLOBs in comma-separated lists. Multiple filtering options can be specified. When filtering on tables, be sure to include both the database and table name.

Be careful with quotes. Normally these are not needed, but when quotes are necessary, be sure to only quote each filtering statement, as opposed to putting quotes around all statements.

Below are a few examples of how these can be applied:

Default (backup everything):

databases = *
tables = *

Using database inclusion and exclusions:

databases = drupal*, smf_forum,
exclude-databases = drupal5

Including Tables:

tables =, drupal6.node*, smf_forum.*

Excluding Tables:

exclude-tables = mydb.uselesstable1, x_cart.*, *.sessions